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Introduce how I use and choose makeup brushes

2019-08-28 12:09:25 24

Introduce how I use and choose makeup brushes

1. Concealer Brush

I usually use two Concealer brushes from my home. Brush is better for beginners. The brush head is suitable for covering the black eye socket. It can cover the part of the tear groove very well. The brush head can push the concealer well away.

Tips: Use a brush to cover it and press it with your finger, which will make it more convincing.~

The smaller brush is the flat head, which is designed with a compact wool, suitable for hiding spots, as well as some details which are difficult to take care of in the reddish part of the nose wing. If you want to ask, do you want to buy two Concealer brushes? In fact, I do not necessarily buy a small brush.

2. Foundation Brush

In fact, for novices, Huilida is a good recommendation. It's easier to get started than a makeup brush. If you pursue a higher sense of makeup brush, it will be better.

The brush head of Huili Da tongue foundation brush is very compact. It is suitable for light foundation liquid and powder. It has strong concealer and more luster.

Small Tips: makeup spray before using the spray with a fixed spray will make the bottom makeup more obedient Oh!

The use of cosmetic brushes will test the technology. It is not easy to brush with the strength of the wrist. It will be a little difficult for novices.

Tips: If you use a makeup brush or have brush marks, you can press OK with a makeup egg.

3. Scattered Painting

The choice of powder painting is relatively simple, fluffy touch is good can not prick the skin, one person with a foot.

44. Blush Brush

This Huili's brush is of good shape and compactness, so it is easy to control the color of blush.

Two types of blush are attached.

1.8 typing: suitable for anyone, commonly known as "universal" typing.

Cosmetic brush

2. day blush method: Blush blush at the moment.

1. eye shadow brush

Eye brush base needs to prepare three, paving brush, halo brush, local halo brush (detail brush), generally paving brush is more compact, so the dyeing power will be stronger. Local halo brush generally emphasizes some eye details, the hair is more compact, can be colored and local halo.

2. Halo Brush

The brush head with a halo dye is more fluffy and easy to dye the eye shadow.

3. Cosmetic Brush

The shape of the brush is quite design-oriented. Its wool is relatively compact, but it is not very good for beginners.

4. Nasal Shadow Brush

A general eye shadow brush can act as a nose shadow brush. This kind of brush with a slope is more suitable for brushing nasal sounds.

5. Eyebrow Brush

In fact, many eyebrow brushes will be accompanied by eyebrow brushes, this Huilida eyebrow brush on the other end is convenient for eyebrow gel, can outline a very accurate eyebrow shape.

6. High Bright Brush

Generally there are two shapes: one is sector brush, the other is conical brush.

Fan-shaped high-light brushes are very convenient for coloring zygoma and nasal bridge positions, and do not need halo staining, but it is difficult to take care of small C area and other details.

7. Conical high-light brush

Some details can be taken care of, and dizziness is required after coloring the zygomatic bone. In fact, ordinary eye shadow halo dye brush, in a clean state can also act as a high gloss brush, do not limit the function of a brush!

8. Lip brush

Lip brushes are indispensable for ordinary people. It is convenient to outline the shape of lips and see the makeup pursued by individuals.

What kind of makeup brush is better? How do you choose the make-up brush? Here is the content. How many pieces of brush do you need to prepare as a set of new tools? Concealer brush, powder brush, blush brush, repair brush, eye shadow brush (brush brush, halo dye brush detail brush), nose shadow brush and high gloss brush, a total of nine. I hope the above can help you. To learn more about cosmetic brush products, you can click on the product center to view.